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*Please note that our lessons and rehearsal space are available by appointment only.  While walk-in business is greatly appreciated, we cannot guarantee that someone will be here if there are no lessons schedued or rehearsal space booked at that time.

We enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy for lessons and room rentals.  Any lesson or room can be canceled or rescheduled provided it is not within the 24 hour hour period of its scheduled appointment.  This is to protect the livelihood of our teachers and staff and to allow them to properly schedule their week. 

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NEWS:  August 2020

We are currently not available for band rehearsals due to the potential spread of COVID-19.  The highest risk areas for spread are people staying in low ventilated rooms for long periods of time.  Singing has been a high risk spreader as well and the combination could be bad for your band and for our employees.  We do not want any of our bands contracting or spreading COVID-19 to others due to a rehearsal here.  Your lives and the lives of others are far more important than the money we are currently losing by remaining temporarily closed.  We are working with advisors to ensure that when we do open, it will be as safe as possible for you and our staff. 

Face-to-Face lessons are also canceled, however we are excited to offer the option of Online Lessons for all of our current and new students! 

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From private lessons in our fully equipped classrooms to full band rehearsals or recordings in our professional rehearsal space, Parallel Sound will help you find your passion for music.