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"Setting my mind on a musical instrument was like falling in love. All the world seemed bright and changed."

William Christopher Handy

We are currently accepting students of all ages and at any level for the following instruments.  We offer private instruction with group performance opportunities. We also offer free trial lessons or consultations in case you have questions!  



Our studio offers guitar lessons as well as bass lessons. Curriculums cover all music styles including rock / metal (e.g., electric guitar) and bass, pop, jazz, smooth jazz, new age, country, folk guitar, and classical guitar. Our instructors hold a college degree in music (with guitar study) and perform or work professionally in the music industry in addition to teaching private lessons. Contact a teacher below today to get started in acoustic and electric guitar or bass lessons.


With rich and varied backgrounds, all our piano teachers hold at least a Bachelor's Degree in Music and are members of professional teaching organizations. Parallel Sound's piano teachers focus on music theory, rhythm, creative expression, and piano / keyboard fundamentals in their lessons. All music types are taught, including Classical and Jazz piano. Take a moment to learn about each and feel free to contact instructors directly with questions to help you decide who is best for you or your child's goals. All ages are welcome for piano lessons, including young children, teenagers, adults and seniors.


Our string department at Parallel Sound is small but mighty. We are fortunate to have such a solid violin and viola lessons teacher in  along with cello teacher . All are highly qualified and dedicated, and work with students of all ages in their lessons studios. Should you have questions about getting started on violin, viola or cello, or would like a referral to another instructor who teaches advanced viola or upright bass violin lessons, please contact them.


Drums are an important instrument in many musical settings, and the ability to study and grow both skill and musicality as a drummer shouldn't be overlooked. If you're looking to focus on snare drum technique for school, getting serious about the drum set or expanding your music style palette as a drummer, taking lessons from an experienced educator can help you reach any of these goals and whole a lot more.


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