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  Rock Band Stage Ready    

The Rock Band Stage Ready Program is designed for kids who know the basics of how to play their instrument and are ready to take it to the stage. This program introduces the team element into music instruction.   Being in a band isn't all about knowing how to play the songs.  There are dynamics both musically and personally that will be learned which will allow each player to grow as a musician.  Students will learn harmonies, musicianship, comradery and how to perform in an authentic rock show environment. 


Each session, students spend time honing their music skills while preparing to perform some of the greatest songs in rock and roll history.  

Songs will be choosen by the band and their instructors to ensure that the band is engaged in their music and learning new skills to bring their playing to the next level.

















All student musicians enrolled in our Performance Program will receive:


  • Weekly private music lesson on guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and/or vocals

  • Enhanced learning in key areas such as stage performance, harmonies, musicianship and more

  • Weekly hour band rehearsal to prepare for the rock concert

  • Opportunity to play mini-concert for friends and family on the Parallel Sound Studio stage

  • Choice of new show themes every sessiond




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