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Jocelyn Limmer



Jocelyn Limmer graduated from Berklee School of Music with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano and Songwriting. She has been playing piano since the age of 10 and t began writing songs at age 14, when a teacher introduced her to the wonders of Tori Amos' album "Little Earthquakes." Almost a decade later, she released her own debut album of confessional piano-driven songs, "Hindsight."



Her forthcoming EP, "Those Three Words," is the result of her years in the musical melting pot of Berklee College of Music. A team effort and an expansion of her previous style, the new EP features raw, candid lyrics combined with a nostalgic, jazz-influenced sound and the musical stylings of several talented Berklee peers.



Jocelyn currently lives, writes songs, and generally processes things in Boston, MA.


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