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Creative sessions to engage kids!

3D Design Class

3D Design 

Students will spend one week fully engaged in the world of 3D Design while learning the skills to bring their ideas to life. After learning the basics, our students can apply these principles to their own projects using Cinema 4D. This program is not only easy to pick up for all age groups but its also the industry-standard software for today’s modeling and animation.


In the 1-Week 3D Design Class, kids will learn to design their own 3d models, make jaw-dropping animated videos, and create their own worlds. For those wishing to explore specific aspects of animation, we incorporate Disney's original 12 principles of animation so kids can learn at a college based level. 

3D design is a skill that can be applied to all different kinds of industries. Kids will not only have fun creating things from their imagination but will also learn valuable lessons that can be applied to many career paths.  


At the end of camp, students will be able to show off there project files and animations to friends and family. 

Cost:  $100 per weekly session
Days:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Duration:  1 Hours

Time:  11:00am

Rehearsal Location:  Online via Zoom
Sessions: July 6 - 10, July 13 - 17, July 20 - 24, July 27 - 31


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