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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

 Private Lessons    

The most efficient way to learn an instrument

Private lessons are the most traditional and effective way to learn a musical instrument.  The speed of modern day technology has not replaced the efficiency of learning an instrument when cultivated between a nurturing student/teacher bond.


Lesson lengths vary
We offer lessons in 1/2 hr and 1 hour increments.  The decision to take longer lessons depends on the age and level of the student balanced with between the commitment of more time and money.  For longer lessons you will need to provide more time to practice at home which should be considered.  If you aren’t sure, we recommend starting with 1/2-hr private lessons which can be upgraded later if you like provided there is room in the teacher’s schedule.


Scheduling day/time arranged individually

Private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and you may begin private lessons at any time, If you begin in the middle of the session this will not affect where your lesson plan will begin because all lessons are customized for each student.  The availability for all instruments will vary and most are offered eveyday but Sunday.  


 Childhood Music Program  

Parallel Sound's Childhood Music Program is designed to expose and introduce children under the age of 5 to music.  Typically students begin private instrumental instruction on select instruments around the age of 5.   The significance of the age of five years correlates to the development of the musical motor skills needed for playing and learning an instrument.  However we know from scientific studies that children are processing and absorbing music far earlier than the age where they are able to study independently. 

The new-born and toddler classes are designed for a parent/caregiver and the child to attend together.  The classes are 45 minutes in length.  Each class begins with a brief social acclimation period outside the classroom before the class begins.  Each 12-week semester uses a thematic material as the basis for the song choices.  The same song cycle is used week to week re-enforcing repetition while introducing new skills, movement, variations, and new songs each subsequent week.  The class sizes are small allowing the instructor to focus on the needs of each students and the class as a whole.  

  Yearly Program    

Save money and time by signing up for our yearly program.  We will discount your lessons by 10% and you can schedule out your time in advance knowing when your lessons are happening and when they aren't.  Many times vacations, holidays and time off can sneak up on you, with our yearly program, you can sit down and schedule out your lessons and save money in the process!  Call or email us today to ask us about how to set it up.

  Custom Programs   

We are constantly coming up with new programs to offer children and adults.  If you have an idea, feel free to let us know and we will consider incorporating it into our curriculum.  

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